New Cop On The Beat For Consumers

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureu’s web site went live today.

Congress created the CFPB after the financial meltdown of 2008 exposed Wall Street as being as filled with thugs as dangerous as those found in the back alleys of the worst slums in America. (Of course the Wall Street thieves were always better dressed and better spoken than common criminals, but they behaved the same way.)

Here is how the CFPB describes its goals: “The CFPB will also be a cop on the beat to patrol the consumer financial services markets. Financial companies that break the laws will be held accountable. That’s fair to customers, and it is fair to the lenders who play by the rules and work to provide real value for their customers.”

I wish the Bureau luck and encourage you to follow its work on the web, via Twitter or on Facebook.

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