The “This is a data complier associated with Google” Scam

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Beware of Telemarketers Running Google Scams

There is cottage industry of shady firms trying to cash in on the success of Google by selling overpriced services to small businesses.  The first sign of their sleaziness is how they bombard businesses with recorded messages that mention Google and ask if you want your business listed.  They are banking on you recognizing the Google name and not wanting to be excluded from its ranking.  But what they are really selling is their ‘help’ increasing your ranking in Google’s search results.

Their deceptive business tactics become more apparent when the recording connects you with a live person.  The telemarketer/con-artist, who was probably pushing penny stocks last week and will be schilling for some other fraud next week, will try to get your credit card or checking account numbers. They are looking for easy marks; not people who ask too many questions – like what the name of their company is, what their street address is, and what their phone number is.  In fact, don’t be surprised if they hang up on you when you ask those questions.


If you receive a misleading call from a telemarketer, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

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