R.I.P. Paul E. Sullivan: Quiet Soldier Battled for Civil Rights

Paul E. Sullivan (Photo: The Washington Post)

A quiet soldier in the battle for civil rights died last month; Paul E. Sullivan, of Fairfax, Virginia.

In 1965, Mr. Sullivan’s neighborhood pool club would not let one of his black neighbors join.  He thought that was wrong and he spoke up. That upset his white neighbors so much they threw him out of the club.  He responded with a lawsuit that resulted in the 1969 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Sullivan v Little Hunting Park, Inc..  The decision led to the desegregation of countless social organizations across the country.
You can read Mr. Sullivan’s obituary here in the Washington Post.

We need more Mr. Sullivan’s – people willing to stand up for what is right even if it is unpopular and who understand the power of lawsuits to right wrongs.


Thanks to Susan Carroll, of Ink Public Relations, in East Greenwich, for bringing this to our attention.

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