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  1. Ben
    Ben January 11, 2012 at 11:18 am |

    If you or your live-in loved-one paid your debts, I doubt you would have had reason to do all this research. Or perhaps you would prefer a 1st party collection agency with its TOTAL lack of governing laws to just come to your front door, in front of your whole neighborhood, and collect the funds that way.

    All the same, PCA’s use services like the one you are describing as a method of generating a local number for call back by consumers. This is not a deception tactic, as a collector still has to abide by FDCPA when a consumer answers, but rather a means of the consumer calling back without facing long distance toll-charges. Before you resume your devil’s advocacy, if the consumer would answer a toll-free number, then services like these wouldn’t exist. Now, why don’t they (consumers) answer toll-free calls? Probably because no one likes to be reminded that they have failed.

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