Labor Day 2014

Remembering Rhode Island's Labor Martrys

Remembering Rhode Island’s Labor Martyrs  9/1/2014

Kudos to the RI Labor History Society and Scott Molloy for reminding us of the role Rhode Islanders played in winning decent wages and working conditions for blue collar workers. Today the Society observed Labor Day with a commemoration of The Saylesville Massacre, in then Lincoln (now Central Falls) Rhode Island. You can read more about it on Facebook and this Wikipedia page. You can also see the 2010 WJAR-NBC10 story below.

On a personal note, I remember moving Scott Molloy’s collection of labor history books into his third floor apartment while an intern for Republican US Representative Claudine Schneider in 1985. Scott had been a bus driver, was Congresswoman Schneider’s Rhode Island District Director, and went on to become a labor history professor and author. Part of the collection I helped move is now preserved in the Smithsonian; moderate Republicans like Claudine are extinct.

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