Viacom Slanders Station Fire Victims With Despicable ‘Joke’

Viacom Slanders Station Fire Victims With Despicable 'Joke'

        According to this article in the Providence Journal, Viacom subsidy MTV posted this comment by Steve-O (real name Steven Glover) on the web promoting Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen roast: “The last time this many nobodies got roasted, at least the band Great White was playing.” 100 people burned to death in Read the full article…

Citibank Policy Change = Victory for Consumers

Thank You Citibank

One of the most outrageous ways banks fleece their customers is by deliberately processing checks in the order that will generate the most overdraft fees for the bank. (I wrote about the practice here.)  In a small victory for consumers, Citibank is adopting a better policy for handling checks. As CNNMoney is reporting: “As standard Read the full article…

Accused of Cheating Customers, Bank of America to Pay $410 Million

A Bank That Robs You

A Bank That Robs You! . Bank of America has agreed to pay $410 million dollars to settle a lawsuit alleging it deliberately overcharged and cheated its customers.  One of the major allegations was that it programed its computers to process transactions from largest to smallest thereby maximizing the overdraft fees it could collect from Read the full article…