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Is Rodney Harris, Kay Jewelers, 401-423-4083, a scam?

Citadel is investigating suspicious calls attempting to collect debts allegedly owed to Kay Jewelers and others. Call or e-mail us if you:

1. Received a call for a debt you already paid.

2. Received a call even though you were already in a repayment plan.

3. The caller called your home phone and then your cell phone.

4. The caller called repeatedly.

5. The caller harassed you, argued with you or treated you rudely.

6. Your caller ID display an instate number.

7. Your caller ID display (401) 423-4083 or Jamestown, RI.

8. When you called the collector back, a generic voice mail system answered.

9. Anything about the call caused you to wonder if it was a fraud or scam.

Read this New York Times article -or this summary of it – for why you must be very careful when dealing with debt collectors.

It is against the law for debt collectors to bully, harass, mislead or lie to consumers. I have helped many people recover damages from abusive debt collectors under the federal and Rhode Island Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and I may be able to represent you on a contingency fee basis if you are one of their victims.  You can contact me, Attorney John Longo, in Providence, RI.

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