RI Used Car Safety and Inspection Requirements

Under Rhode Island law and the regulations adopted by the Rhode Island DMV, car dealerships in Rhode Island:

  • Cannot display a used car for sale unless it has a valid inspection sticker on it.
  • Cannot sell a car unless it is in a condition to pass inspection. (Having a sticker is not enough; it must be safe!)
  • Cannot sell a used car unless it has an inspection sticker issued within the sooner of the last 90 days or 500 miles.
  • Cannot sell a car to a consumer ‘for parts only’ to dodge the safety and inspection requirements.

Twice now I have come across dealers who cheated their customers by selling them cars without catalytic converters. A car without one cannot pass inspection and both dealers therefore broke the law. Likewise, two people have come to me with paperwork from dealers purporting to be selling cars for ‘parts only.’

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