Methylsynephrine: A Banned Drug Sold as a Nutritious Supplement

Its not a fat burning or muscle building supplement; its a banned stimulant!

The US Food and Drug Administration has caught dietary supplement manufacturers deceptively putting the stimulant Methylsynephrine, an amphetamine-like chemical banned by the World Anti-Dopping Agency, in products marketed to bobybuilders and those trying to lose weight. Methylsynephrine, sometimes called Oxilofrine or p-hydroxyephedrine, is not approved in Europe or

the United States as either a safe drug or a dietary supplement and the FDA has ordered manufacturers to recall the mislabeled products and to immediately stop selling them. The manufacturers the FDA accuses of being involved in this dangerous scam include:

Nutraclipse, Inc.
Swagger Supps
TBN Labs/Total Body Nutrition, LLC
Xcel Sports Nutrition, LLC
M4 Nutrition Companies, LLC
Line One Nutition, Inc
Chaotic Labz (In 2015 the FDA also found Chaotic had mislabeled supplements and used atrocious manufacturing practices.)
The products involved include:

Ephedra Free Tummy Tuck
Ephedra Free Shredder
Leaner You
iBurn2 or iBurn 2
Fat Burning Lean Pills
The drug may have gotten two professional athletes into trouble: Red Sox pitching prospect Michael Kopech was recently suspended for testing positive for Methylsynephrine which he may have ingested from a mislabeled product and Asafa Powell, a Jamaican sprinter, blamed a supplement that forced him to withdraw from the 2013 World Championships.

Take Action – If you bought a product containing Methylsynephrine and want to know what your rights our, contact Attorney John Longo at (401) 383-7550 or

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